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Established in 2001, Sunfly is a manufacturer with revolutionary vision and innovative ideas in small and medium size LCD modules for industrial applications.
      Starting from TN models, the Sunfly team never stops acquiring new technologies and working synergistically with every partner. Over the years, Sunfly has successfully adapted STN mono display, TFT color display, and lately, AMOLED displays into the product lineup. With such experience, Sunfly has sharpened its mastery in the customization of LCD modules.
      Besides providing a complete lineup of displays, our team also focuses on integrated controls and easy display system solutions. Customers in all markets, especially industrial control, can find practical solutions to adapt STN or TFT into their applications.
      We communicate to our customers with enthusiasm and sincerity in developing their applications with sound solutions of good quality. We assist our customers to do the right thing at the first time. Your experience and satisfaction are our top priorities. In partnership with Sunfly, you are one-step closer to your goal.
      Sunfly Vision and Mission
      Based on the Chinese market, we aim to provide the highest industrial qualities and services at the most affordable cost of small and medium size displays to our customers by combining our outstanding engineering capabilities and advanced manufacturing capabilities.
      We value communication with our customers to understand their exact requirements, and then strive to provide the perfect and the most advanced display solutions possible.
      Our greatest pride is to make your innovative concepts a reality!

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